Xbox Scarlett: Release Date, Specs, Price, Games, and News


We know that Microsoft is hard at work on a next-gen Xbox and reports indicate that the company’s flagship next-gen console is currently being referred to as Xbox Scarlett. 

The first reports of Xbox Scarlett suggested that it is one of two next-gen consoles that Microsoft is working on. The other is reportedly called Anaconda and is supposedly being positioned as a budget next-gen console that may not feature a disc drive (similar to the Xbox One S: All Digital Edition). That leaves the Scarlett as the premium powerhouse of Xbox’s next-gen plans. 

While Microsoft hasn’t revealed much about the Xbox Scarlett’s specs, demos of Sony’s next-gen technology suggest that next-gen consoles will feature a powerful SSD designed to greatly reduce loading times in console games. It’s a safe bet that the Xbox Scarlett will also emphasize Xbox Game Pass and utilize Microsoft’s xCloud service, despite the suggestions that Scarlett will support traditional disc-based games. 

Bethesda’s Todd Howard spoke briefly about what he’s seen of Xbox Scarlett and PS5, and he noted that neither company has “screwed up” its next-gen plans as of this time. Considering that Microsoft infamously botched the Xbox One debut with its controversial policies, Xbox fans should be glad to hear that the company isn’t making the same mistakes this time around


Here’s everything else we know about Xbox Scarlett: 

Xbox Scarlett Release Date

Microsoft confirmed that Xbox Scarlett is set to release sometime during the holiday 2020 season. 

Xbox Scarlett Specs

The rumored specs for Xbox Scarlett suggest that it will boast 12 GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD hard drive, and an 8-core CPU. Looking at the specs of the Xbox One X, the most powerful console in the world at the moment, we’d say that most of those stats make sense, but it’s likely that Microsoft will aim for 16GB of RAM if it’s cost-efficient. At E3 2019, Microsoft confirmed that Scarlett will have an SSD and will feature a Zen 2 processor from AMD. You can learn more about its capabilities in this E3 2019 trailer:

Xbox Scarlett Price

There’s no official word on the Xbox Scarlett’s price, but there are some indications of what price range it may fall into. If Microsoft really does release a budget, disc-free, next-gen Xbox, then that will probably retail for about $300-$350 depending on its hardware. Xbox Scarlett, meanwhile, will likely retail for about $400-$450 and will be marketed as a premium device similar to how Microsoft approached the Xbox One X. 

The general idea with Scarlett vs. its rumored budget alternative is that Microsoft will likely use the budget option to heavily push Game Pass and xCloud in order to get people on-board with what seems to be the future of the company’s games branch and perhaps the future of gaming itself. 

Xbox Scarlett Games

At E3 2019, Microsoft confirmed that Xbox Scarlett will launch with Halo: Infinite. We’ll bring you more on additional launch games as new information becomes available. 

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